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Urological Congress
Atsushi Takenaka, M.D, Ph.D
President of the 37th Korea-Japan Urological Congress
Professor and Chairman
Department of Urology, Tottori University Faculty of Medicine
Dear Distinguished Guests and Friends,

It is my honor to host the 37th Korea-Japan Urological Congress. The congress will take place at the Yonago Convention Center-Big Ship from September 25 to 26, 2020.

Our congress has embarked on this journey for more than 30 years now, and during this time we have developed relationships, and shared good urological practices and knowledge. The political relationship between our countries is not good; hence, it is time to strengthen the bond between the academia. Considering this, the theme of this congress has been set as “Interaction and friendship across the sea.”

Medical circumstances are changing dramatically. Hence, the next theme is concerned with developing young urologists who can cope with various changes and difficulties. The Korea-Japan Urological Congress presents an opportunity to debut in international meetings as young urologists. Thus, we would like to increase the number of oral sessions for the applicants, especially young urologists.

Yonago is a city in Tottori Prefecture, to the west of Honshu Island (Sanin District). The Korean Peninsula and our district are located close to each other; hence, our district is considered to be where the interaction between the two countries began in ancient times. Tottori Prefecture is one of the smallest prefectures in Japan. Even so, it is rich in nature. Instances of abundance are evident in the Daisen national park and the wonderful hot springs along the sea. You can play golf, visit the museum, and enjoy a spread of local sea food.

Please save the date. I am looking forward to meeting several urologists at KJUC 2020 in Yonago.

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