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Urological Congress
For Chairs/Speakers
Official language: English
For Chairs and Speakers Who Need to Participate Online
Those who cannot participate in-person congress due to COVID-19 need to contact the Congress Secretariat via email ( prior to the congress.

Zoom meeting account will be informed by the Congress Secretariat on or before October 25.
* For speakers who are presenting via Zoom, your talk will continue as scheduled. As with a physical meeting, each session will proceed in the order identified and maintain the schedule.
* The Zoom link will be the same for each presenter for each session.
* Prior to the Congress, please download Zoom App in your PC.
Please use your webcam (external or built-in camera) and for audio connection, use your computer audio, ensure your microphone, headphone or speakerphone is near you, and mute your Zoom session or phone when not in use.
Please also be sure to confirm your internet connection is stable and your connecting place is in quite area.
* If you are presenting live, you will “Share” your screen or document. Please ensure that your webcam is on so that attendees can view you during your presentation.
* Question and Answer will follow each presentation. If there are any questions submitted by online participants, the session chair will read it for speakers.
* Please plan to join the meeting 50 minutes early in case there are any issues that need to be worked out.
For Chairpersons
* Chairpersons should take a seat in the front row of the room specially reserved for the next session's chair at least 15 minutes prior to the session that they are scheduled to chair.
* We request your cooperation to ensure that your session proceeds according to the prescribed time limit/schedule.
For Oral Speakers
Speakers should be seated in the front row of the room specially reserved for the next speaker at least 15 minutes prior to his/her presentation time.
1.Presentation Time
Please follow the instruction and allocated time you are informed prior to the congress.
Times will be strictly adhered too, and your presentation will be cut-off if you go over time.
2.Presentation Format
* Only presentations using a PC are acceptable. OHP or slides are not acceptable.
* A monitor and a mouse are provided on the podium. Speakers are requested to operate it by themselves.
* Please bring your presentation data (on your PC or USB flash memory) to the PC Preview Desk. The data will be temporarily stored for the congress purposes, and when the congress is over the organizer will take responsibility for erasing all data.
* All speakers (including those who use own PC) are requested to stop by at the PC Preview Desk to check that your presentation data works correctly.
* Please make sure to check the files with anti-virus software before your submission to the Preview Desk.
* Please ensure that your presentation will function on the specifications given below.
OS : Windows 10
Software : PowerPoint 2010/ 2013/ 2019
Monitor screen size : XGA (1024 x 768)
* Only the standard fonts with Windows 10 (OS) (e.g., Helvetica, Arial, Times New Roman) are accepted for your presentation file, and unusual fonts may not be displayed properly on the computers in session rooms.
* If you use sound, please let a staff at the PC Preview Desk know about it.
* Whether or not a presenter/co- presenter has any conflicts of interest, they must include a conflict-of-interest disclosure slide in their presentation (on the 2nd slide).
[If you are bringing your own PC]
* If using a Macintosh or your PowerPoint presentation includes movies/videos, please bring your own PC and back-up data with you on a Windows readable USB flash Drive.
* Speakers using their own laptops MUST HAVE a VGA D-sub 15pin female output or HDMI. Special video output cable is required for some laptops to use the D-sub 15pin/HDMI to connect to external monitors and data projectors. Please note that we are not equipped with that special cable and you must bring it in case it is necessary.
* The laptop output resolution should be XGA (1024x 768). The higher resolutions than that would possibly lose some information or not project by forcing the data projector into a compression mode.
* Please turn off the screen-saver and energy saving mode beforehand.
* After checking your computer at the PC Preview Desk, please bring your PC to the operation desk in your session room.
3.PC Preview Desk
Speakers are required to upload their presentation data or check the connection of your own PC and equipment at the venue at the PC Preview Desk at least 30 minutes before your presenting session.
At the PC Preview Desk please provide staff with your presentation number.
Location: Foyer, 1F, Yonago Culture Hall
Operating Hours : October 29(Fri) 14:30-17:00
October 30(Sat) 8:00-17:00
For Poster Presentations
1. Poster style
Display only.
No oral presentation.
Schedule: [Set-Up] October 30(Sat) 8:00~10:00
[Removal] October 30(Sat) 17:00~18:00
3. The poster board surfaces measure approximately H190cm × W90cm.
4. The secretariat will prepare pushpins and a poster number (20cm × 20cm) at the top left of each board.
5. Each poster must have a label at the top that indicates the title of the paper, the name(s) of the author(s) and their affiliation(s). The main author should be marked with a circle.
6. Authors are required to mount and remove their materials scheduled as above. We remind you that you should NOT leave poster cases in the poster areas. The secretariat will not be held responsible for any losses which may be incurred.
7. Posters that have not been removed by 18:00 on Oct. 30 will be discarded by the secretariat.
8. Whether or not a presenter/co- presenter has any conflicts of interest, they must include a conflict-of-interest disclosure slide in their presentation (at the end of poster).
Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosures
All presenters at the 37th KOREA-JAPAN Urological Congress are requested to disclose any “conflicts of interest” (COI).

When a presenter/co-presenters find that they meet or exceed the criteria for a COI situation shown below as items 1 to 9, it is their duty to disclose their COI using the prescribed form for a COI situation in the second slide (after the title slide).
Target period: For three years from the presentation date
1. Employment/Leadership position/ Advisory role: one million yen or more annually
2. A stockholder who receives one year stock profit exceeds one million yen and/or who holds 5% or more of all shares.
3. Patent royalties/licensing fees: one million yen or more annually for each patent
4. Honoraria (e.g. lecture fees): 500 thousand yen or more annually in total
5. Manuscript fees for writing a pamphlet, etc. for a private enterprise or a profit-making organization: 500 thousand yen or more annually in total
6. Research funding: one million yen or more annually from each enterprise/organization
7. Subsidies or Donations: one million yen or more annually in total
8. Endowed departments by commercial entities
9. Others (e.g. trips, travel, or gifts, which are not related to research): 50 thousand yen or more annually from each enterprise/organization
Sample slides:
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